Isn't this the IFC but with less members?

i mean ok… i get that there are more sims involved but the topics are mostly reused from the ifc like FR24 findings, suggest & draw, WYR etc. so why were these topics created? can’t this community just do new things without reusing topics?

A lot of the topics are reused mostly because most of the people here are from IFC.

Yes we can. Example: Entire Aviation Games and Debating category.


We do reuse topics from IFC but we also have our own different and unique ones. Our topics keep users engaging in the community and that is our goal. If you would like to know more about our topics then let me know.


yeah but we can go to the ifc if we want to interact with the topic and just have new stuff here!


Most of us are from the IFC, besides, these things are kind of obvious for a Aviation Forum

Fun in our own way :slight_smile:

Well…here are some topics that are original to the WFC:

Hope this helps, cheers!



okay :wink:

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Thanks for the help, Austrian001, Adrian and KTJ!