Category Topics

Real World Aviation

In this category, you could post anything regarding RealWorld aviation, including events, trip reports, and news! When reporting about crashes, please only report about crashes that have top headlines, and news that is cited by credible sources. (Aka: CBS, NBC, ABS, CNN, FOX, BBC etc). All topics that are posted will have to be moderator approved, and please do not post duplicates. Enjoy!

Screenshots & Videos

This category is specifically for flight simulators only. I’ll trip reports or pictures of real world aviation/spotting can go into the real world category. Please specify which flight simulator you were using when these pictures were posted. Please limit to a maximum of 10 pictures, and enjoy!

Aviation Games

Welcome to the aviation games category. Please make sure all the games stay relevant to the topic, aviation. Please keep them fun, competitive, and civil. If any fights break over a game, or any other mishaps happen, the moderators will not hesitate to close the topic. Other than that, enjoy making your games, and if you would like to do some debating, please do it in a civilized fashion in the debating category.


This category will be all about air traffic control. Anything that has to do with real world air traffic control can be posted in #real-world-aviation. I expect this to generally be about a Infinite Flight air traffic control. Please remember, we are not affiliated with Infinite Flight ATC, but you can post topics about them here. Enjoy!

Flight Simulators

In this category, you could post anything regarding flight simulators. This could range from any flight simulator on any device. Please be responsible with what you’re posting, and make sure it is appropriate. If any other flight simulators in the subcategories are the ones that you were using, please use that subcategory to express your opinions, or give you ideas; basically anything regarding flight simulators can be posted here!


Here, you could ask any questions that are tech related to the forum. This may include how to use it, what to post where, and more!

Virtual Airlines

I in this category, you can do whatever you want regarding your virtual airline or organization. I have nothing else lol


Welcome to the new features category! In this category, you could request any plug-ins that you would like to see on our website. We are excited that you guys can you be involved in picking what new items get to be added onto the form. They don’t just have to be plug-ins, they could be specific topics that moderator should be making, things that you want moderators to do, or anything that would be beneficial.

The Amazing Race

Welcome to the amazing race category! If you don’t know what it is, it’s a show that is on CBS on Wednesday nights at 8 PM. Unfortunately, it’s not currently in season but they are set to begin filming later in 2021. We can hope to get a new season out later this year. For right now, this category will be here and will continue to be here until the new episodes are out. A thread is then created for discussion.

Third Party

Welcome to the third party category!


In this category, you may request new ideas that can contribute to the growing community of the WFC. This category can be used to request events, competitions, and more.