Airline Logo Quiz!

I wanted to create an airline logo quiz! For each post you make, please wait until the previous one is answered or given up on hehe! There should be a level 1, 2 and 3. Level 1 being the easiest to guess and level 3 hardest in your opinion. You’re probably wondering why you would choose to guess the hard one and you should because you like a challenge, don’t you? Hopefully in each post, all 3 logos will be guessed. In order to post, please leave out the airline name, just leave a symbol associated with the airline so as it becomes an actual quiz. Here’s mine to kickstart this topic:

Level 1: image

Level 2:

Level 3: image

Good luck!

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Air Canada, Air Tahiti Nui, and Sunwing :slight_smile:

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Well it was too easy! If you win it’s technically your turn.

I am waiting

Gabriel may take my turn.

You may take your turn now @GBKarp


1, is LATAM!

Correct! Now other 2

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Air Austral for 2.

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Correct. Number 3 is very tricky

I think you wont get it

Isn’t that Brava airlines… I’ve seen it once.

Holy f


Nvm it flies to Argentina

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Yea it was an old airline, flew over my house a long time back.

NHT is old Brava

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Yea it looked like this;

Air Canada, Air Tahiti Nui, Sunwing

Ur late

It was already solved; but good job!

Ok imma go now.