Favorite Airport to Spot At / What airport would you like to spot at someday?

Title says it all. Which airport if your favorite to spot at or if you’ve never been spotting what airport would you want to spot at?

Mine would be LAX and PHX and I would love to go spotting at KLUF sometime

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SNA is cool because of locations
SAN would be cool to spot at
LAX has good traffic but it’s a pain to get to :unamused:


pArKiNg GaRaGe

No not just that

My favorite airport that I’ve been spotting at is PHX. The airport I want to go spotting at is really anywhere that has some variety in planes instead of purely UAL 737s at DEN.

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I like spotting at the LAX In N Out because you can eat a delicious burger while watching the queen of the skies land.

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Speaking of LAX, I’m landing there shortly.

Big flex to those of us living no where near an airport with planes larger than CRJ7s.


I like spotting at VHHH since loads of heavies (only Cathay Dragon, HK Airlines and Dynasty use narrow bodies) and it is close to me

oops sorry didn’t mean to reply

Hmmm, well I had fun spotting at SMR Colombia, amazing spots :heart_eyes:.
Also can’t go wrong with PHX.

I’d like to spot at EGLL sometime

I want to spot in SBGR but the view from the PaRkInG gArAgE is so bad but every other place is extremely dangerous

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TXKF, We get 737’-800s a320s/a319s one cargo 757 and one BA 777-200ER once a week, and TONS of Private jets, and there is also a public beach at one end of the runway where you can swim in the ocean and spot planes (its not Sint maarten status though where everyone is hanging on the fences as there is a big road and a parking spot between the beach and the runway), I love to go there during the summer

PHNL is the best. I would love to go to Aspen though

that Terminal is a dream for any Aviation Enthusiast…its open air :slight_smile:

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I might have the chance to go there soon :scream:

Really? When specifically?

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In like 2 weeks, possibly.

How is it possibly? It’s 2 weeks away, this should almost definetly be a yes or no answer

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