Aer Lingus 2019 Livery Repaint Thread!

Aer Lingus 2019 Livery Repaint Thread!

Hello and welcome to the Aer Lingus 2019 livery repaint thread! This is my first major topic like this so if there is any mistakes, please just shoot me a pm and I’ll fix them. I would also like to thank @KTJ_Mitchell for allowing me to make a topic so similar to his. His United repaint thread is much bigger than my Aer Lingus one will be so please give him credit for his work.

Aer Lingus Fleet in numbers

Aer Lingus has a relatively small fleet compared to other national flag carriers. It still isnt a very small fleet but just compared to the likes of KLM, it is very small. Aer Lingus' fleet consists of 52 aircraft. 31 Airbus A320's, 6 Airbus A321NEO LR's and 15 Airbus A330 aircraft. Aer Lingus also operates a regional service with ATR 72's but those aircraft are owned by Stobart Air so I decided not to include them in this thread. Most of Aer Lingus' aircraft are parked up at the moment but will soon hopefully be back in the air. Aer Lingus also has 1 more Airbus A321NEO LR to be delivered to them and that aircraft is expected to be in Aer Lingus' fleet by the summer.

Aer Lingus 2019 Livery Database!

As of January 2021, 21 of the 52 aircraft in their fleet is painted in the new livery. Here is a breakdown of the aircraft painted in the 2019 livery.

Airbus A320

Aircraft - Age
EI-CVA - 20.7 Years
EI-CVB - 20.1 Years
EI-CVC - 19.9 Years
EI-DEE - 16.6 Years
EI-DEK - 15.9 Years
EI-DEM - 15.9 Years
EI-DES - 15.1 Years
EI-DVK - 10.0 Years
EI-DVL - 9.8 Years
EI-DVN - 9.7 Years
EI-EDS - 12.1 Years

Airbus A321NEO LR


Aircraft - Age
EI-LRA - 1.5 Years
EI-LRB - 1.4 Years
EI-LRC - 1.3 Years
EI-LRD - 0.9 Years
EI-LRE - 0.1 Years

Airbus A330

Aircraft - Age
EI-EDY - 11.7 Years
EI-EIK - 14.3 Years
EI-EIM - 1.2 Years
EI-EIN - 1.0 Years
EI-ELA- 10.7 Years

Aircraft in the paint shop

There are no Aircraft getting painted into the 2019 livery at the moment.

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Lovely job Luke! Can’t wait to see the updates come!


Thanks very much

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I like the A330 paint job.

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Bumping, not a lot going on with the fleet at the moment unfortunately.

I was expecting a bit more activity from Aer Lingus on this to be honest but we just have to sit tight and wait unfortunately :shamrock::ireland:

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Yeah, it works better when they have a bigger fleet. But hey, still good to see this thread going!

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