Celebrating 3 Years Of The World Flying Community

World Flying Community 3 Year Anniversary

To our loyal community members, thank you for three years of amazingness. This place has remained prosperous and successful because of you and we appreciate everyone who has been logging on here day after day in order to engage in civil and fun discussions with fellow aviation enthusiasts.

Community wise, we have grown massively, and we are continuing to be looking for expansion. Starting today, we will be modifying our leadership team as well as changing up some rules in order to get this place back up to be as active as it used to be. But that’s not what this message is about, is it?

This message is meant to be a celebration, especially to some people who have been here since the very beginning. Three years is an insane amount of time, and I envy all of you who have stuck with us through everything, happy three years, and I hope you all have a great weekend!

And, of course, no anniversary post is complete without the yearly WFC rewind!

Aviation Game Of The Year

Debate Of The Year

Spotting Topic Of The Year

General Topic Of The Year

Real World Aviation Topic Of The Year

Screenshots Topic Of The Year

Now, as we get into the personal awards, please know that these decisions were not easy, and it was very tough for all of these choices. People chosen here are exemplary members of our community that are getting recognized due to their commitment and loyalty. I hope to see all of you next year on this list as well!

Rookie Of The Year


Community Member Of The Year


Moderator Of The Year



Damn, what an achievement! Happy 3 years WFC!

Wow… I didn’t expect my topic to be nominated!


This really is the of all time.

@PlanesAndGames told me that the 3 year anniversary was taking place.

Even though I officially left the forum back in December of ‘22, I spent a great deal of time here.
Back before I left, the WFC was almost my life and I absolutely loved how active it was. Getting promoted to moderator and then admin seemed like Christmas Day for me.

Besides that, it’s sad to see the activity of this forum has gone downhill. Back in the forums heyday, we went through an off topic discussion almost every week which was awesome.

I’m only gonna be back for a day but I’d love to drive the activity level up for today.

Here’s to 3 years! :clinking_glasses:




been here for 2 of those 3 years!

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I <3 Bonnie

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most hated user award: @Vamp (3x winner)


@flyin_hawaiian summon

king :crown:

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no way i got featured, thats crazy


i request this gets added

Here’s a hastily made mock up

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