Challenge: Where would you Vacation?

Hello WFC! Today I bring you a challenge. Whoever can create the best “Dream” Vacation under 100k dollars will win. Here’s how to play: So get 4 open tabs, get,, and any airline website open. So get a flight, preferably first class as this is a “Dream” Vacation. Then get a beautiful house off of Airbnb or Vrbo. Must be BIG! After all this, submit your total price.

Parameters: Must be ABOVE 2,000 dollars. Must be UNDER 100,000 Dollars, you must fly first class, and you must stay for more than 7 days.

Airline Parameters: Must be one of America’s top three Carriers. In first class and it must start from your home airport.

Destination Parameters: it must be over 500 miles away from home.

House/Stay Parameters: Must be over 3 bath, 4 bed. Or under the OMG category. Please make this house exciting lol

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International first class or US domestic first class? American offers both.

My total price is $10,207
(planes involved, (in order by flight) B38M, B789, B788. return: A320, A343, B789.

Any, doesnt matter, as long as its first, or above.

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Well, if were going bougie, I guess I’ll have to consider Aspen as my home airport. (ASE, EGE, and GJT are all about the same distance from me)

well, the trip origin must be your actual closest Intl airport. or really any airport with service near you. Then anywhere u want.

well in my dream everything is free


I live in Los Angeles, so anywhere in Hawaii would be nice. Also Singapore, Vietnam, and tour Asia.

too lazy to do price calculations

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I’m not flying any of them

Central Europe :heart:


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stay in bermuda for as long as possible wins automatically. no competition needed