WFC Rewind #4 | June 2021

WFC Rewind #4

Welcome back to the fourth edition of the WFC rewind! This is our somewhat monthly tradition, even though we don’t do it monthly in which we highlight some of the top topics and users from the past month. As always before our rewind, I would like to thank everyone for being part of our community and we are always looking forward to welcoming more people in the future. So, I ask that everyone sends an invite to people to spread the word about our amazing community to try to bring more aviation enthusiasts together. Without further ado, here is the WFC rewind #4

Best Spotting Topic

Best Games Topic

Best Flight Simulator Topic

Best Flight Simulator Photo

Best Screenshots & Videos Topic

User Of The Month

This user has been a higher role model for others on this community. He has been here for a while, and he expresses his passion of golf very prominently. He has helped other users begin their journey here, and he has helped the moderators multiple times in the whole topic discussion, to keep a well rounded discussion. I don’t think I need to say anymore, you already know who it is. Congratulations!


Moderator Of The Month

Even though he is one of our newer moderators, he is one of the most active and always put a smile on community members faces. Even though he does like to make jokes on the community a lot, he brings a sense of fun to the moderation team which I can think helps towards our success as a community, as well as keeping a friendly staff team as we try to. Congratulations on moderator of the month!


So that is this months rewind everyone! In just a few days, I will be heading off to camp. More details about that will be coming shortly. Please, enjoy your night and thank you for reading. And of course, congratulations to everyone who had their topic featured this month!


The best S&V topic is a picture with 3 replies lol. S&V category is rather inactive, time to bump it soon!

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That spotting topic looks familiar :thinking:, also thanks mods for the accolades

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Congratulations to all who won!


thanks for choosing my topic :smiley:

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congrats @DeltaDev13 and @Rolls !!!


Wow, I didn’t see I was user of the month too :star_struck:, thanks guys!


Congrats everyone on their awards!


Nice recap thanks


Love reading these! Great job everyone and big congrats to all who made it on to the rewind!


Congrats on your rewards everyone!