Wacky Weather!

Thursday I flew KBOI-KMSP and Sunday I flew KLGA-KMSP

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Please say it ain’t so :face_vomiting:, how was your trip?

Weather related, the next snowstorm coming from Canada, will go down Minnesota, through Iowa, down into the gulf coast, and then up into the NE. It’ll be a shit show, but it’ll be sunny skies here in GR :sunglasses:

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yep i flew into KLGA in the D for Disgusting terminal. I flew like 2 hours before the big snowstorm. It was snowing alot in the cloud we passed through (it was really cool seeing snow whip past at 300mph) The trip was nice tho since I got to land in NYC at night nothing beats that

And Appalachia are getting the most

About 1 foot expected across NC, VA, NY, etc

thats cute compared to the sierra nevadas around christmas

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I know right :joy:

More like November-March

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We’ve been under flood advisories/warnings here for like 5 days now.

Nice warning mate



Doomsday is here, and jesus is coming back for us, since we failed to live by god’s world. Please hide in your bunkers and steal all food. Goodbye, life 8yqhutgutr6aedtwdgfytwrtrdyfewtydrftaetdyretyrdyrftdyarfstydrtyertyrywurtiutwiurtfuytrytubyruby54vtoiunvo4ueghyibeytu4yeut45o5ytb7i4ryiyb5itvy45iyb54ubvt4uvtbibw;yuiwyi;y;rewyutiwlyoytoeyeuiwt6uwrwpiyruetwtyewiytiyewsgedsgsduogdlsiyhogh;igsoifhsohrehgoiriew’tkoerohuwh;oghwghotoewi


I can do that too! I should be part of the Californian weather alert service.

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We survived :muscle:t3:

Lmao it’s like they fell as sleep on the keyboard, or got wiped away in the tsunami either one

I guess they had a bunch of tornadoes swipe through Florida at the tail end of Winter Storm Izzy

Dang Florida is lit up- not in a high way or anything

Ok I’m ready for summer

Especially with the weather we’ll be getting this next week. It’ll be like Spring

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Some footage of the minor tsunami reaching the California Coast

And that, is why being landlocked and 6000’ above the nearest ocean is nice.

It was only 4ft at its highest points

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Well, 5996 to go.

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New Orleans is broken