Wacky Weather!

Share your weather stories here! It could be a scorching hot day, or so cold that you’ll freeze to death! No weather too warm, no storm too small!

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It was 123 degrees Fahrenheit once here
About 4 miles off the beach too


Does this count? 121F in Canada :grimacing:
(This happened this summer)


It got to -2 here pretty crazy for Texas.
And this summer has not been as hot as expected, and as normal

It snowed here the day after labor day last year. It was 80° the day prior and then it didn’t rise above 34° the next day.


I know seriously
It’s been very mild here too

Only 1 day above 100 this year (usually several days here get above 100)

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I survived Hurricane Lawin

Or as we called it, super typhoon

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Here, it once rained.

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Btw it almost never changes. It’s almost always 27 degrees like it is now

That’s cold
Badum tsss

I’d say 27 is warm, not cold but not very hot either.

I was joking because of Fahrenheit

Oh. Now I understand :joy:

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Getting to this season soon

Only one other place in the world gets these conditions (somewhere in Africa)

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I remember this
Sky was red red
Like magenta red. It was super hot too. Weirdest day that summer :joy:

To everyone in the state of Louisiana, please stay safe today. Take proper precautions!


It’s raining really hard here

Love being outside with the thunder

We are on day 6 of feels like 90+ weather, I’ve had tennis cancellations/delays 4 of those days!

32 C + a ton of added humidity and no wind

It’s summer here, tonight it’s gonna be 13 degrees (56 for Fahrenheit people)

:cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face: