Wacky Weather!

Uh, so it’s been snowing since like the middle of last week, and as far as I know, it’s gonna keep snowing for the next 10 days. We’ll have a couple clear days over the weekend before it hits us hard again.

Well it appears that so far, La Niña has not been affecting us. Thankfully

It’s been around average temps and precipitation

We’re expecting 2.5-3 inches of rain in the next 36 hours :joy:

121C in CANADA

what world do we live in :flushed:

Uhh, 121C would be very impressive :skull:

121F is still crazy though :joy:

Mountains got some good snow the last couple of days

RIP snow
Not here though :sunglasses:

snow is good

Yeah but @KGJT-9149 might be losing the snow they have there if it gets too hot

We’re gonna get a couple inches tonight through tomorrow, and it’s looking below 30 for most of the week next week

I got like 8" today


Good thing it’s a New Moon because we’re getting 7 foot high tides tomorrow morning at 9am

When this happens in the Summer during a full moon the streets flood :joy:

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Nice conditions if I do say so myself

The clouds this morning.

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Ooooo nice

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My Aunt told me to tell her when I deplane and to WAIT INSIDE the airport so I don’t freeze lol

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That’s some powdery snow

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2 weeks ago over here in idaho we got like 15 inches and then it all melted. I also flew into KMSP a few days ago when it was -10

Hey I flew in Monday and it was below 0 too :joy:

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thats cool I flew in Thursday and Sunday (on delta obv)

Yeah I flew DAL too

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