Fun facts about aviation

Norwegian’s 787 died, not Norwegian itself

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PR-GTD, the 737 involved in GOL flight 1907, was delivered tragically only a mere 17 days before crashing, and ironically exactly 5 years after 9/11


The A330-800 is selling so badly that there were more A320-100s than A330-800s ordered


Fun fact: planes fly in the sky.


The B-52 is longer than the 757-200

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The B-52 was at the Pacific Airshow this year.

However, only on Saturday. So I missed it. Very disappointed.

In terms of lenght, the closest 737 to the MAX 7 isn’t the -700, but rather the -400

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As far as i know I’ve only seen 1 A338

All my life, I thought they sailed in the sea, finding this out today was truly disappointing and I don’t know if I will ever be able to recover.