Fun facts about aviation

Hey guys, I just want to create a topic where people can share their fun facts about aviation. Have fun

I’ll start:
The name for the new US Air Force bomber was actually announced by Richard E Cole, a survivor of Doolittle raid.

You go!


Ryanair isn’t actually a 737 all fleet

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What are their other planes then?


They have a320s, not for passengers tho




Well this is something interesting


Speaking of all fleet, Sun Country and Spirit Airlines are one of the airlines that currently operate only a single family of aircraft(not including propeller aircraft or business jet)(ex: 737 A320)

You are wrong. Southwest operates only 737s right now.

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I know, but there’re not a lot of airlines that operates only 737 as far as I’m aware and I’m just listing 2 airlines that operates only a single aircraft.

TXKF’s new terminal opens on the 9th of December, aka, 5 weeks exactly

@Maverick. Being the JetBlue master (me) this in incorrect. JetBlue operates the E190 as well, soon to take delivery of the A220 as well

Sorry, I just simply forgot what is the full fleet aircraft for the airline even if I know what JetBlue definitely operate

Facts about VFR and IFR

VFR: Can do anything but not fly into clouds. But still get vectored. You can never fly in a controlled airspace and not use ur interments at all.
IFR: Rely on instruments 90% (They have to be approved for IFR.) Mainly use autopilot when you fly.

Kinda some facts about IRL. I have way more so if you interested let me know :slight_smile:

The bathroom isn’t the dirtiest place on a plane, it’s the tray table.

Yeah, I want sat next to a baby that licked it the whole flight. I’m not joking

19/2/2020 finally I was onboard a Skyteam livery China airline

Do you mean 2/19/20?

Also how was the flight?

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Nice, the services are great

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Really love the livery

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(In other parts of the world it is DD/MM/YYYY)