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Brought the car home today, and touched 90 on the interstate. Immediately after that, all the dials failed suddenly (showed I was doing less than 0rpm) and then sprung back. It needs a new ignition relay, which idk if that will fix the dial problem, but I don’t really care about that as long as it fixes the issue of the engine cutting out and coming back for the first couple minutes of driving.

Also, the ABS will randomly kick in while braking (even without lock up), so I’ve disabled it as it’s safer to have no ABS than faulty ABS.


now that’s an efficient car! 90 moh and the rpm is in the negatives


Absolutely humiliated some lifted Chevys in the mud today even with bald ass tires, open diffs, and not much ground clearance.


the visual state of the car would make james may so angry

He’d hate the interior even more.

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tbh considering the mitsubishi he drove he wouldn’t mind this that much

Bro I am not watching that :skull::skull::skull:

no one needed to know if you’re watching it or not

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Everyone needs to know because I am the skiing goat

no one needs to know but being an animal that can ski is interesting

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Ong I’m an animal going down the slopes, skiing master

My friend and I did a custom paint job on the auxiliary belts cover on the '95

We were considering cutting a stencil of the old Subaru rally logo and putting that on (in yellow on top of the blue), but we decided that was too complicated for now.


Absolute W.
Really seems like the Germans and the Japanese (though they’re starting to fall) are the only ones with any sense left in regards to automotive carbon neutrality.


india is betting big on hydrogen, methanol and bs6
electric has been almost forgotten, except for buses

Huh. A quick Google search says the opposite. You guys are pushing for a 2030 ban, which is actually 5yrs before that of the environmentalists of the EU.

idk why im getting different results

please dont call them that

What do you have against the use of the term?

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evs are not good for the planet in any way