Car Stuff

just talk about your favorite cars or other cars or something idk

inspired by the croose ship debate


imma start this topic with my favorite car of all time: the Ferrari 458 Italia

just beautiful.

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I Rly like the Lamborghini urus and the RR cullinan

But my family has a Subaru xv/Crosstrek and a Mitsubishi outlander

you really like offroaders don’t you?

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I like SUVs

I play Assetto Corsa on PS and this is my favourite car.

oooh the r8… nice. btw i first saw the 458 in my favorite game of all time: Forza Motorsport 4!

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Yes it’s amazing isnt it

Lambo, jeep wrangler, tesla X.

which one?

check this out lol

i really hope that you man model x


Allow me to introduce you to the coolest car in the world: 1986 Group B Ford RS200 evo.

550bhp from a 2.2L I4 engine powering all four wheels. 0-60: 2.1 seconds on asphalt and gravel. And it only weighs about 2300lbs.

Unfortunately this car basically ended Group B rallying in 1987 when a driver lost control on a corner and rolled it into a crowd. 3 people were killed and about 30 were injured.

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Range Rover Velar 2019

Cadillac CT6-V Blackwing

Cadillac CT5

Jeep Gladiator

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my favorite electric car is the Jaguar I-PACE


Unfortunately, ours hit a deer so we are replacing it with

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So that might be my favorite car but currently I drive:

1999 Explorer XLT, purchased for $1000, and it’s a pretty solid car. Sure it’s not fast or flashy but it gets me to the ski mountains just a fast as a new $60,000 Explorer.

Reasonably priced:
Audi Q5 and BMW X5

Never gonna have a chance to even touch:
Lambo Urus, Centenario Roadster

Centenario is hot af

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I want my first car to be a 1989 Toyota Camry


I do also like Godzilla