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VW Polo is leaving India :cry:

I really think I missed out on an opportunity that I’ll probably never see again in my life.

About two months ago, I was scrolling through craigslist looking for a beater car. However, I ended up coming across a 1st generation, 1986 Toyota MR2. These cars generally go for $12k for one in “worn” condition, upwards of $30k for one in really good condition. The one I found? $3k. And it was in running condition, but needed a cooling system rebuild. Yes, it had some rust. Yes, it had nearly 240,000mi on the clock (it’s basically a Corolla though, so it’ll have no problem reaching 500k). Yes, it wasn’t exactly in pristine condition, but it’s a MR2, and not the crappy 3rd gen. What I would easily consider to be my dream sports car was available on the market in a price range that I could have easily afforded.

Quite frankly, an opportunity like this will likely never come up in my life again. MR2s, and modern-classics in general have shot up in value over the past few years. Even a beat up MR2 like this one could easily fetch $10k in the current market.

I really wish I had jumped on that opportunity when I first saw it.

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Like this:

But it was silver

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Doing online drivers Ed rn and it sucks

I’ve gotta get new tires and I’ve narrowed down to a few options. But right now I’m trying to decide between some All Terrains. Should I go with Falken Wildpeaks or Yokohama Geolandars.

They’re both about the same price, but Yokohamas look like they’ll do better in the snow based on the tread block pattern. They’re a tiny bit more, but I’ve also heard that they last a bit longer than the Falkens. Plus it’s the tire that Subaru puts on the Wilderness models from factory.

Yokohama Geolandars:

Falken Wildpeak:

rims aren’t included, I’d use my current ones

  • Yokohama Geolandars
  • Falken Wildpeak

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So, based on the fact that I need new tires after today, I’ve ordered some new tires. All things considered, I went with the Yokohamas. They’ll do better in the snow than the Falkens, and it sounds like they’ve got better tread ware so they’ll last longer.

@A320_Flyerboy19 Does your XC90 have awd or 4x4 (part time, selectable between 2Hi, 4Hi, 4Lo)?

I don’t speak car! Can you translate that to normal person please!

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Do you push a button or a lever to make all the wheels have power or does the car do that itself (or in my case, that’s just how it always is)

Subaru bad Jeep good @KGJT-9149

Lol no.
Jeep is pretty sh*t.

Not near as bad as the early '00s GM Hummer H2 and H3 though :skull:

jeep is the best wth u talkin abt

Ight have fun in your mall crawler. I’ll be out here rallying through the snow (and not getting stuck) in a vehicle from the world’s best car company.

aka jeep

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No my car does not have that!

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So it’s either AWD or 2wd.

Do you know if all four wheels get power?

I’m not sure

I’m gonna guess it’s awd. Volvo are pretty well known for being awds (not as famous as Subaru, but nothing is when it comes to awd).