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This would look good I guess

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VW Polo is leaving India :cry:

I really think I missed out on an opportunity that I’ll probably never see again in my life.

About two months ago, I was scrolling through craigslist looking for a beater car. However, I ended up coming across a 1st generation, 1986 Toyota MR2. These cars generally go for $12k for one in “worn” condition, upwards of $30k for one in really good condition. The one I found? $3k. And it was in running condition, but needed a cooling system rebuild. Yes, it had some rust. Yes, it had nearly 240,000mi on the clock (it’s basically a Corolla though, so it’ll have no problem reaching 500k). Yes, it wasn’t exactly in pristine condition, but it’s a MR2, and not the crappy 3rd gen. What I would easily consider to be my dream sports car was available on the market in a price range that I could have easily afforded.

Quite frankly, an opportunity like this will likely never come up in my life again. MR2s, and modern-classics in general have shot up in value over the past few years. Even a beat up MR2 like this one could easily fetch $10k in the current market.

I really wish I had jumped on that opportunity when I first saw it.

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Like this:

But it was silver

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Doing online drivers Ed rn and it sucks