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Bermuda isn’t part of the EU :clown_face:

Woulda got one if I didn’t go to boarding school, there’s no need for me to have acts or a bike in boarding school

Bruh, did you not see what I said or something?

Nah jit I’m eating dinner rn

I’m going to hit 200,000mi on my car while driving in to school this morning.

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idk if thats good or bad, im used to km

It’s about 322,000km.

This dude clearly doesn’t understand the point of the car badge.

It’s now a Land Rover GMC Yukon Bronco Hybrid.

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I’m thinking that we might soon enter into the short window of dirt cheap recession time cars.

In an economic recession people tend to do one of two things with their vehicles:
1.) They will get rid of any unnecessary cars at the beginning to save a few bucks on insurance and maintenance. This is the cheap car period as the used market gets flooded with cars no one wants to keep, and no one else wants to buy. If you’re going to get your license in this window, you should get a good pick of whatever you want for a first car at a price you can probably afford (and don’t be afraid to negotiate, during this period people are desperate to get rid of the vehicle so you can probably get them to shave $1000 or more off the price).

2.) After this short window is up (it will probably only last a few months), people will hoard the cars they have as buying a new one is off the table due to cost. Because of this, the cars that are still on the market may be very cheap due to lack of demand, or the owners will hang on to them as a backup incase their car fails and is too expensive to repair. People will also generally skimp out on maintenance and run lower grade fuels during this period, so if you end up buying a car right after this time, be on alert for mechanical problems.

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I’m not a huge fan of sports cars, but I sorta want to get a Subaru BRZ. They’re one of the few cars of the past decade that aren’t laden with safety features and drivers aids, so they still weigh less than 3000lbs. Supposedly you can find a 1st gen for like $8k, which is pretty cheap for anything these days.

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lmao :joy:

Do I want the Baja/B.R.A.T to come back? Yes, but not like this. I hate the Solterra, and Subaru themselves do/did too (but that’s a story for another time), and an EV Baja is not a worthy successor.
What we actually need, is this:

And give it a 6MT transmission

Shocker. A 7 year old driving doesn’t go well. Who could’ve guessed, jit probably couldn’t even see above the dash

You use this word all the time, but what does it mean?

Slang for guy/person. Possibly someone acting weird/crazy but idrk.

You’re 17 right? Unless you’ve already got a learners’ permit, I’d recommend just waiting until you’re 18. In most states you have to hold a permit for a year before you can get a license. Once you turn 18 though you can just walk in, take a test (written and practical) and get a license. So in your case, it’d be quicker to just wait until you’re 18. Plus, on a permit, you can only drive with your parents or an instructor.

Not sure how the laws in CT are for that though.

im not gonna have time to learn next summer so im doing it this summer.

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Some small cars that can’t go beyond 30 kmph , and are electric.

Jesus, Europe needs to chill the hell out, lmao.

30kmh is like, what, 17/18 mph? :skull: