Aviation in the next decade: How will it be?

Personally, what planes do you think Boeing is gonna build next? How do you guys think aviation will change?

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just looks cursed tbh


You’re welcome


Good 767F replacement in ~25 years

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Double Aisle, replacing 757

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The 737 and 777 recieved new versions recently, 787 is way too new for a new version, and they stopped producing everything else (no way the 747 is receiving a new version).

So a new model (the 797) is what I’m guessing

Here is what I think their Next 3 will be:

NMA / 797: Mid-Market for the 757, launch 2021/22 and EIS around 2026-27

FSA: Initally their A220 competitor, but once MAX orders wind down stretch to fill 737-800 range, along with this the NMA being shortened for 737-MAX 9 and 10, launch once NMA is complete and EIS just short of 2035

787-MAX / X: Re-Engined 787 similar to the 777X that we have today, launch early 2030s with late 2030 entry



Well you see, by the early 2030s the 787 will be approaching 20 years old. If they launch in the same timeframe as the 777X (25 years after Original is launched) That means it will be around 2035 when we see it


Hey @PlanesAndGames so I want to run you by some statistics in the future ~10 years of aviation relating to Airbus and Boeing

wait what? uuuuuhhh lemme think…

I think in this decade we will see the so awaited 797 enter service and Airbus’ Zero-E start deeper development

I guess Airbus will launch an A360

Smaller than A330 bigger than A321

Basically direct opponent to 797

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So what, the ZeroE can get 100 orders and be an absolute disaster for them?

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We could see initial studies for the A350neo and A220neo too

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The plane is barely 5 years old

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fun fact: it first flew in 2013

Same with the A220

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cool, its 7 years old

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Maybe we’ll see a new market for ultra small planes that fly long routes.

As big as a CRJ but a longer range.

I don’t expect the launch until 2035 earliest