How will Boeing name its aircraft after the 797?

Time to be creative! What will be Boeing’s next cleansheet design named after the 797? I personally think it will be the 7107 (Seven-Ten-Seven), but share your opinions!

one of two things:

7X7, 7Y7, 7E7, like that maybe?

808, 818, 828 as well

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7X7, 7Y7, 7Z7, 7A7, 7B7…

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fun fact: that almost was the 787 name


Nah, that was Boeing’s project name

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They said after it was commisioned as the 787 that the E merely stood for 8

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yea forgot about that

Boeing trolled everyone :joy:

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troll 1000000

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They should remake other airframes and call it the -8, -9, and -10

the 1__, 2__, and 3__ series are I think for GA idk

the 7 series are for commericial


and 8__ are taken

boeing has to be creativ

and then have another 737 MAX-like disaster?

That won’t really work for the ICAO identifier though. With how it is now you get the manufacturer, model and variant (B738, B788, B763 etc.) If they did a 4 character name they’d only get the model and variant (i.e 7108).

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B108 for the 7107-8 for example (see the 737 MAX and the A320neo)

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That wouldn’t really work though, because of the Boeing model 100 from like 1920 or something. Yeah, I doubt ICAO identifiers existed back then and they didn’t really make any variants of it, but I still don’t think they’d use that.

Would be the most likely though… look B38M for example…

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I forgot that that’s how the MAX is abbreviated.

Either way, I agree with @KTJ_Mitchell and @GBKarp, that they’ll probably start using letters for the middle character.

That was an airframe that had been changed 4 times already
The NG was pushing it

8-8 I think

888 is a lucky number in Chinese