An Exciting Time For Aviation in Barbados!

An Exciting Time For Aviation in Barbados!

Over the months, I’ve noticed that Barbados is slowly coming back to 2019 levels with multiple new airlines for the busy 2021 winter season. As the government opens the country back up, we’ve seen brand new airlines to the island!

United Airlines

United Airlines will be Operating Weekly Flights on Sundays with a 737-800, from Washington-Dulles and Newark Liberty. Their flight numbers are UA390 And 391 for the former, and UA 389 and 390 respectively. The flights will operate from December 5th 2021 to April 2022.


KLM, of which was the first airline to touch down in Barbados is coming back after almost 85 years. They will fly to Port of Spain and Amsterdam. The flights begin on October 16th 2021. The flight numbers for both former and latter are KL0781. Both flights would be operated on a A330-200.

Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus will run flights from Manchester, Competing with TUI and Virgin Atlantic. The flights, beginning on October 20th, until April 2022 will have the flight numbers of EI 30 and 31.


Lufthansa will fly from Frankfurt Am Main with their Legendary Airbus A340-300’s! The flight numbers being LH522 and 23. They will be running their flights during the entire winter season {Nov. to Apr.}.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic, an iconic airline flying to Barbados for the longest while, has established new Routes To Carribean Islands on the Brand New 787-9. These being Grenada and St.Vincent.

The Flight numbers are:
Former = VS 187 and 88
Latter = VS 197 and 98

I got my Info from here regarding the flights.

To find out the KLM flight to Amsterdam, Go to the Amsterdam Route Map.




i was geniunely happy when i saw that

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News coming from Scotland where Virgin Atlantic has added a Edinburgh - Bridgetown Route! This will be operated by their A330-200’s, starting service on December 5th.

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I hope I get to fly on one of those before they get retired


actually LH pulled their route so now A343

idk if SAN still gets the A343. I know they used to with Lufthansa and Edelweiss

And LAX doesn’t get the A343 (if they did in the past, most recently it was with SAS)

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Coming with more news!

KL781 is expected to leave Amsterdam On Saturday, In Which the A330 Will make a 9 hour and 20 minute journey to Barbados

Eurowings Discover Has Also announced their plans for the island, starting flights on November 1st.

Virgin Atlantic Has started Flights to St.Vincent Yesterday (October 13rd, 2021). The Aircraft has been replaced to an a330-300