Alaska Prefers Qatar Airways To Emirates Over Partnership

Alaska Airlines has announced the end of its partnership with Emirates after joining the Oneworld alliance. What it means for travellers is that they cannot earn Alaska miles when travelling on Emirates.

What prompted the move?
As we know, Qatar Airways is a part of the Oneworld alliance, and Emirates does not belong to any airline alliance. Alaska Airlines joined Oneworld recently, so a partnership with Qatar Airways became a viable option.

Why Qatar?
QR started flying to Seattle not long ago. Seattle is Alaska’s biggest hub, so it was a logical decision to team up with Qatar. Also it enables passengers arriving from Doha to connect onto other smaller destinations that Alaska serve, and the reverse is also true.

How the Decision Affects Emirates
Emirates has no other airline partnerships on its West Coast destinations (SEA, LAX, SFO) and all three are major Alaska hubs. Furthermore, Qatar is another Middle Eastern airline giant that serves numerous destinations across the globe. The decision heavily impacts Emirates’ Dubai to Seattle route, since many passengers will choose Qatar on the route due to the additional perks.

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Source: Alaska Airlines Cuts Partnership With Emirates:


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I wasn’t even aware they had a partnership with Emirates.


Me neither

Next thing I know they’re gonna tell me Frontier Airlines has codeshares with Condor. Like that would ever happen.



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