Singapore Airlines to Restart Flights to Newark

Singapore Airlines to Restart Flights to Newark



I want to give credit to this article because this is when Singapore officially transferred to JFK, but while I don’t see it announced anywhere, Singapore Airlines will indeed return to Newark Airport on November 1, 2021.

It will operate flights with the A350-900ULR from EWR-SIN nonstop, resuming the original longest flight in the world. Prices for the flight start at $4,320 in Business one way.

I am not excited to see this long flight return on November 1 to Newark!


Cue the #no-newark.

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Cool! Newark will actually be decent for once.

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Wait, so they are adding back a flight that flies half way around the world and lands at a destination less than 18 miles away from another destination that also flies half way around the world? Why…one or the other, not both

make that a group and i’ll join it

It is a group

Finally. :tada:

Exactly. Plus, I seriously doubt that there’s enough demand of people from the NYC area who want to fly direct to Singapore to make two flights worth while. It would be a better use of aircraft for them to launch flight to Chicago (or DEN, but that one will never happen.)

Newark = United.

United = Star Alliance.

Singapore = Star Alliance.

United + Singapore + Star Alliance = Connections.

Connections = $.

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Then drop JFK.


Can’t help ya there—no idea why they are keeping both. I can rationalize EWR, but not JFK.

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From what I know, they are dropping nonstop from JFK, but keeping the 5th freedom to Frankfurt.


Ok, that makes sense then. It wouldn’t have made much sense otherwise. (*Cough cough every European airline)

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