Airline Empires

Sequel to Model Airport Empires, which sucks now tbh.
Rules :

  1. Your company can be related to the one in Model Airport Empires.
  2. You cant buy any other companies.
  3. Buying a company within this topic would need an approval from CEO.
  4. Randomly buying a company will get your company broken up and distributed among the others.
  5. Your company does not need to be an airline
  6. No government funding and wars
  7. You should abide by the laws of the countries.
  8. You cant have your own country.
  9. @Brody_Swiatek is government but does not give funding as mentioned in the rules.
  10. You can build airports.
  11. If your company is similar to the one in MAE, you won’t be allowed to transfer the companies you bought in MAE to this one.
  12. More than 1 month of inactivity will lead to your company being broken up and sold off to others, with consent.
  13. COVID does not exist here.

List :

  1. @PhoenixAviationYT : Indian Group (not the one in MAE) | VOBL, VOTR, VIDP, LOWW, VABB, KPHX,KLAX, KJFK, EGLL, LOWI
  2. @Brody_Swiatek : Bardon Air (Not the one in MAE) | KORF and KGSO
  3. @KGJT-9149 : Sky Airlines | KSLC, KPWM, KGJT
  4. @KTJ_Mitchell : Cobalt Air | KIAD
  5. @GBKarp : Brazair | SBGR
  6. @Zhopkins : Baseball Airlines | KSAT
  7. @Rolls: South Pacific Air | KSAN
  8. @IF_KGRR : Michigan Airways | KMMI, KGRR
  9. @IF_International : FlySoleil | LFPG
  10. @Fly_If : Airatlantique | LFPO, LFPG ; Coloclick | KEGE ; Air Victoria | CYYZ, CYYJ
  11. @IF_KGRR’s younger brother | | KDTW, KGRR
  12. @Ritesh_Intensifies : U.A.RegionalXpress

Special posts of members :

  1. @Brody_Swiatek : He claims to be US Govt.
  2. @PhoenixAviationYT : India Development Minister

Can we have more activity here? Thanks.


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I have set this topic to automatically open in one hour.


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@Brody_Swiatek want a company here?

Could you add airlines must be realistic?

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@Brody_Swiatek did not get you

To the rules.

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Can you add Bardon air to the list?

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yes why not

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wot is your fleet

Indian Air fleet :
im making doc

You still didn’t add airlines must be realistic

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like your intended fleet

No, under “rules” add “Airlines should be more realistic”

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ohh ok

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Here’s my fleet.
Bardon Air

Comfort at Lower Costs


(25) A220-100s (112)

(10) A320neos (189)

(5) A321LR’s (223)

(5) 757-200s (Sent

to Airbus to be turned into Bardon Air Freights)

(5) A330-900s (In Storage)

(6) A350-900s (531) [5 ordered]

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and hub?

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