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About Us

XoJet VA flys almost everywhere from Africa To USA, there are endless opportunities. We fly in a professional manner creating a more realistic Private Jet VA. We only have 1 plane in our fleet, the Citation X which is a beauty to fly. But if you get bored of that plane are partnerships with other VA’s will allow you to use different planes on different routes-So are you ready to join the team where possibilities are endless?-XoJet-making it simple and easy

Our Website


  • have Discord
  • 13+ of age
  • Active on Discord and IFC
  • Fill out forum on Website
  • must be a trust level member on IFC
  • Grade 3 on IF

Our Current Staff

CEO: @Brody_Swiatek
CO-CEO: @nolan_brant12

Open Staff Possitions

If you are interested in a position DM me @Brody_Swiatek

Position Name Job of that Position
Operations Manager Helps with daily things happening in the VA
Chief Pilot-OAK - Incharge of OAK base and does check flights on the new pilots of the base
Chief Pilot-FXE - Same as above ^ but for FXE Airport
Partnerships Manager - keeps in contact with Partner Airlines and etc
Events Manager - Sets up all events for XoJet and Partnership events sometimes
Crew Base Manager - Checks the forums filled out
Staff Assistant @Devin_Stock Not considered staff, but helps out if needed.

Great thread!

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Nice thread!!

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Seen this on the IFVARB website as well. Good luck!

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Very nice thread

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Positions available! Join our awesome team!

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