World Flying Community Quiz Series

World Flying Community Quiz Series

Welcome to the WFC quiz series! In this series, we will be testing your aviation knowledge and see who is to be crowned the king/queen of trivia. Starting today, download the World Flying Community app (download on iOS and Android) and you can access the quiz. Just put your WFC username and your email in, and the quiz will open up. The questions are mainly aviation based, but includes details to the extent of companies, and airports.

After the quiz starts, you will have about 4 minutes to complete the 10 multiple choice questions. After 5 days, we will close the quiz up, tally up the results, and we will crown a winner! The winner will win a special WFC prize!

We are so excited to host this quiz and to have all of you participate!

The WFC cannot see your email after you put it in, but we can access the name field. Feel free to put your WFC username for confidentiality reasons.


what is this about?

Aviation stuff.

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can i participate from the website bc my iPad will commit die

You cannot. There is no way to access the quiz from a website. You have to be on the app.

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lol i downloaded pc app

That won’t work. It has to be the iOS or android app.

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ok :neutral_face:

wait for me baby


8/10, not bad Zack!

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Also, to anyone who has taken it so far, still working out a few things with the whole system, but apparently it gave you points for incorrect answers. So, if it says you have a 10 out of 10, it doesn’t mean anything. Look at the amount of questions you got right and the amount that you got wrong, and that is your percentage. For anyone taking it from here on out, it should tally correctly. Sorry for the inconvenience!

The quiz for week 2 is now out! Good luck. You can access it on our app!

I think this question is broken. There’s no photo.

Let it load.
If it dosent, swipe out and go back in.