World Flying Community Off-Topic Discussion (Part 19)

Part 19

Sometimes we need a break from sticking to the standard, topic related replies. For that reason, we have created an off-topic topic! Here, you can talk about anything, as long as it’s appropriate. Please review the topic rules below, and enjoy!

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Hello there fellow human creatures.

y tho

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Hi Alaska guy.

imagine death

also I can hear you fart from across the globe



What if i told you that may soon change?

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Cat :cat2:

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United guy?


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Took us over a year.


Yeah. Hopefully this year will be more active.

Looks like @sactownaviation is new here. Welcome!



Nothing’s confirmed/done yet, but they among the other big two have better prices and timing for what we’re looking at compared to ASA

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Y’all opened a new one lol.Im impressed

After a year, lol.

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Ooh nice.

Evo or Conti? :pleading_face:

No idea, still a few months out and the dates aren’t even solid yet so for all I know it could be neither and be AA or delta

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Where to?

Here’s a couple of places we’re looking at; MCO and LIH

There is currently a lean to LIH, and Alaska’s timings for specifically when we’re going don’t look that great compared to others. For example with Alaska: we leave for SEA, have a layover and then embark for MCO getting us there via red eye or close to midnight which isn’t optimal for us. LIH sees a rather early departure and getting there reasonably but I’m not the only traveler and the others don’t exactly like a ~3AM wake up

Again nothings confirmed/done

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