World Flying Community Off-Topic Discussion (Part 16)

@CaptainZac hi

hi @CaptainZac

He never speaks… :cry:

I think he’s scared of us…

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hey bOnnie

Those pilot unions… One of the reasons why I’m not a big fan of those as a whole.

Minimum $7000 for an economy ticket? I don’t even know what to say…

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That would be more expensive than first class

As in US domestic first class or actual international first class?

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International - like Emirates for example

Emirates first class is well over $10 or 12 if you book a ways in advance.


Me who thought you were saying Emirates FC was $10 because I didn’t read the context

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The anti Boeing sentiment in the comments is disgusting

hello :slight_smile:

Are you avgeek101?


Yes I am
Any problems?

No no. I was just curious. The comment was nearly identical to what you said here, so I was just curious if it was you.

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anyone wanna see my wallpaper? idk i’m bored

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can someone who does know answer?

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is anyone who knows even online?

Some anime thing lmao.