Which Magic Kingdom Firework Show Is Best?

There’s a question I’ve always wondered myself. I think Disney always does a great job with our firework shows, but I can never decide which one is best. This is really more for Florida people, if there are any but for anyone who’s been to Disney World for a while, you know that they’ve had a couple firework shows over the past few years. I’m curious to find out which you think was the best!

Wishes Fireworks (2003-2017)

Holiday Wishes (2003-2018)

Happily Ever After (2017-2021)


Minnies Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks (2019-Present)


Disney Enchantment (2021-Present)

Now, it’s your turn to vote! Which is your favorite?

  • Wishes
  • Holiday Wishes
  • Happily Ever After
  • Minnie’s Christmastime Fireworks

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:warning: Since Disney Enchantment debuted after this poll was created, remove your vote above and vote below for Disney Enchantment if that is your choice. :warning:

  • Disney Enchantment

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Holiday Wishes was iconic

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Holiday wishes was the best firework show they ever did. Without a doubt. That finale :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I’ve seen that show so many times, I almost memorize it lol

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i have seen Holiday Wishes irl

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By FAR the best firework show Disney ever did… and I’ve seen all 4 of the latest ones (including Happy Halowishes). Holidays Wishes is just a perfect show. Nothing else to say.

@anon94363592 i need ur opinion now.

The one that I don’t have to watch.

Jk. In all seriousness, I’d have to say Holiday Wishes. The finale was epic. I do, however, like Wishes Fireworks. Those were stunning!


Will you marry me continue to be a great friend of mine.



I don’t recall saying that in my original message :thinking:

In my original message, I demanded that you give an answer

You special child. You’re lucky we still love you.

Oh… you quoted that. I am dumb. Nothing to see here folks (except the opportunity to love Holiday Wishes)

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They should’ve kept all of them.

none of them.

A view of holiday wishes from the top of the contemporary resort. I mean come on. This wins every day. This isn’t even a competition


Could’ve sworn the last time I saw this it was closed

Just finished watching the final happily ever after live stream of fireworks ever. That was honestly pretty sad. I’ve seen that firework show countless times at Disney and it never failed to impress me. But, I’m excited for the new one… But nothing will ever beat wishes, holiday wishes, and hallowishes. Those 3 were the best and my mind will never change.

Rip happily ever after, but hello Enchantment!

Definitely Holiday wishes. Best show that I have seen. ( Also, I once saw it from the air coming in to land at Orlando Sanford)

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Just saw Disney Enchantment from the Polynesian. Not the best show, but it’s still stunning!

I have only been once so I guess happily ever after cause I actually saw it irl in feb 2018. Then when I got back to Bda I tried to recreate the castle in fortnite.