What is your favourite (normal) livery?

excluding specials so just normal schemes :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll start:
The new airberlin livery (the one they had just before going bankrupt)


This is tough because of the non-specials.

I’m assuming old liveries aren’t allowed either?


I think they are

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should I make all liveries allowed

  • yes
  • no

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very well then

AMX For life :mexico:

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You just can’t beat this :heart_eyes:


Ok here we go…

Eurowhite liveries, I don’t usually like. But Finnair and Virgin Atlantic look really cool

Southwest isn’t amazing but it stands out and is different in its own my so that’s not too bad

I really like Air Transat but overall….

I think Egyptair wins.

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Present liveries

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WestJet “Spirit of Canada”.

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Can’t think of anything better than this

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Thats good ngl

Wait, even better than the TAM 767?

TAM dosn’t exist anymore so :man_shrugging:

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I mean, the livery still does…

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This is the best. Fight me.

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VARIG better

show me a VARIG livery with the olympic sticker then we can talk

bruh… that’s literally nothing…


what difference does it make to the livery tbh