What do you think of Tea?

I’m not allowed to drink caffeinated drinks, but herbal tea is nice.

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Please stop writing a paragraph…seriously please

Just gonna mass tag right here.

@KGJT-9149, @Pilot_Felix, @Ethan, @CameronH21, @Stellar_G, @CaptainZac, @nolan_brant12, @Brody_Swiatek, @Rolls, @Canadian_Aviator, @KSS, @NathanD, @Adrian_K, @Aviation2929, @Vortex, @American634, @BritishAirways001, @Maverick please tell @KTJ_Mitchell that the A220 is better than coffee.


What’s an A220?

my god. Airbus A220 see this topic please.

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Definetly, at a minimum it is an aircraft so of course it is better than coffee!

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these are the types of messages i like receiving at 4am

Your welcome. Now am I correct? The A220 is better than coffee?

that’s like comparing if a bagel is better than a lamp. Nothing can (or will) be objectively better, in some categories the A220 is better, and sometimes Coffee is better. To explain more read this dissertation;https://escholarship.org/uc/item/28t610tk

Makes sense.

Macroscopic quantum phenomena in interacting bosonic systems: Josephson flow in liquid 4He and multimode Schrodinger cat states

I have no idea what this means.

Hey mate, this isn’t AP Honors Chemistry


dont mind the “physics” part, by using the example between Macroscopic quantum phenomena in interacting bosonic system and Josephson flow in liquid 4He and multimode Schrodinger cat states, it is a “Shrodiengers Cat” where one can not be successfully chosen as objectfully better. same with Coffe and the A220. (dont count complex wave theory
, just the deterministic field between both

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also that’s not Chemistry. More like QFT



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@KTJ_Mitchell the A220 is better and coffee is not good

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another cup of tea

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ok, so in the physics part, there is a cat in a box, there is a chance it’s dead or alive. so aside from anything “big brain” it means that you cant get the info on the Cat (ie. Alive or Dead) until you open the box. so in usage if an analogy, I said that you cant compare the A220 and coffee because they are in different categories, this means you can get that “deterministic knowledge” from one. it has to be compared in a different way.

I have no idea what you mean but I’m just gonna roll with it.

well that was the dumbed down version. There is a lot of cool math used, in the real problem it — sidetrack just check out the abstract