What do you think of Tea?

Well what do you think of tea? Is it good, bad etc. Feel free to provide reasons for your side of the argument.

@KTJ_Mitchell, @Ethan

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Usually I just get myself a cup of tea and drink it on my walk to school, throw it out next to the bank across from my school

Tea is just hot brown water.

I am on my third cup of tea today

Which tea should I drink?

Hahaha, funny joke

I’m going to stop you there

Well, what options you got?

I’m not joking.

HAHAHA, now that was funny, you made a joke based off of another joke

Green Tea, Earl Grey, French Earl Gray, Green Tea, Morning Tea and Queens blend

Besides, it is 1000 times better than “Coffee” like…just drink tea instead

Incredible! Gotta thank the British here, they made one of the best beverages!


Have you heard of a story of a man in China? He was trying out leaves, ate a poison leaf, kept trying leaves and came across tea, which healed him

I prefer coffee. And I hate coffee. That is how much I hate tea.

British and Chinese

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Yeah, but Tea is definetly better! Kinda think of Tea as the E2 and Coffeee as the A220, both are similar, but Tea is definetly better!

So Hong Kong in a nutshell

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Literal definition of Hong Kong

Swap the aircraft