WFC Rewind #1 | November 2020

WFC Rewind #1

Before we start this months rewind, I would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving in the United States. Please enjoy this time to have a nice meal with your family… Socially distanced at least. Now, without further ado, we will now begin the rewind number one of November 2020.

Moderator Of The Month

This moderator has shown outstanding performance with their activity and their ability to find out when things are wrong. They always make sure that they are active multiple times a day and they help when things go wrong. I am appreciative for all of our moderators, but the first moderator of the month goes to…

Community Member Of The Month

This community member has shown outstanding performance with being active and has worked their way up the ladder to become one of the highest positions in the community. I am very appreciative for this person, as I am for all with you. Please do not take it offensively who them winner of this is… I love all of you and I appreciate you all so much. I wish I could give this award to everyone, but this award will go to…

Game Of The Month

this game is a game that many people have been involved with. There were some times when it was tricky and sometimes when people solved the answer immediately. It was very fun to see how this game developed and I am so excited to award the winner to:

By @Captain-787

Our Favorite Screenshot And Videos Topics

Indianapolis to Memphis - Single Shot Timelapse: In this topic, we see the beauty of a time lapse in the simulator Infinite Flight. Really some incredible shots here and this one definitely deserves to be on the list.

Random photos from Zhopkins Part 1: Featuring 10 beautiful photos from the Infinite Flight game, this topic showcases the beauty of the new fog feature.

Some of My Best Shots to Date From XP11: This topic showcases the explain 11 game! This game can be run on laptops, and it is such a beautiful game especially with the weather turned on!

Thank you all for such a great month and here’s to another 30 days and more! :clinking_glasses: