Guess the Airline, Aircraft, and Livery!

Hello and welcome to the WFC’s first edition of the guess the airline, aircraft, and livery game! As this game is no longer allowed on the IFC (apart from IFC Gametime) I thought why not create this topic on this forum to have a little fun? This is one of my favorites so I hope you enjoy!


  • Somebody posts a picture of a cropped section of an aircraft
  • All the participants have to try to guess what airline, aircraft, and livery is depicted in the picture
  • Whoever guesses correctly first gets to choose the next photo!
  • If the thread is inactive for 12 hours, somebody can create a new photo (this is a rule I made up, so if this should be changed let me know)
  • Add the image source when posting the full resolution

That’s pretty much it, so let the games begin!


Also, somebody can volunteer to get the first picture cause I don’t have the time right now

Quite an obscure one to start off. Sorry about the bad quality!

Pan Am?

Nope, it is a flag carrier though.

Air China?

Aeroflot is right but what about the plane?

Boeing 767?

Nope not that.

Tupolev Tu-154?

Closer but no


Is it the A321?

No it’s a tupolev you got that right.


Tu-144? The Soviet concorde?

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No it’s not that

Yes it’s the tu 144 well done!

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Next one!