Throwback Spotting - Photos my dad took from home - @SBSP 2010 - Part 2

Continuing with the photos I stole from my day… (Part 1)

Starting off with this GOL 737-700, registered PR-GIK, MSN28224 and LN369, on a pretty steep takeoff and early bank.

Next up, another dead airline, Pantanal, with this ATR-42-300, registered PT-MFM, MSN376.

TAM Retro Livery #1, painted in this wonderful retro scheme only 2.5 months prior to the photo (if the file dates are correct), here is PR-MBW, MSN3710.

Later that day, TAM Retro #2, PT-TMD, MSN4192, too was repainted in this wonderful retro scheme about 2.5 months prior to the photo. You can see how shiny the paint is!

An Avianca Brasil Fokker 100 from SBGR flying overhead. @BonaireDude

Next up, TAM’s 4th A320, PT-MZJ, MSN1251 seen as daylight is about to come to an end.

Going back in time a few minutes, we see PR-MAI, MSN1703 climbing under some perfect lighting!

Saving the best for last (in my opinion), this beautiful bank by PR-GGV, MSN37598 and LN3136, under some perfect lighting as well!

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is it just me does the atr look really weird without gear down…


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