Throwback Spotting - Photos my dad took from home - @SBSP 2010 - Part 1

So uh I stole some old photos my dad took way back in 2010 (1st of August if the dates of the files are correct). Since I don’t have a camera :sob: I guess I’ll have to post what I have lol

Starting off with this very old A319, registered PT-MZD, MSN1096, this was the 8th Airbus and 4th A319 ever delivered to TAM.

Speaking of very old Airbuses, from SBGR, we also have this A330-200 flying overhead. Registered PT-MVD, MSN259, this was TAM’s 4th A330 and 4th Airbus. If the file dates are correct, this photo was taken just 1-3 months before the aircraft was repainted onto the new livery.

Next up, an airline which is no longer with us for about 10 years. This 737-300, MSN25057 and LN2046, started its life at VASP as PP-SOK. Then, it was tranferred to TransBrasil as PT-TEQ to then go to Nordeste Linhas Aéreas as PT-MNJ and finally reach Webjet as PR-WJE. This aircraft is reportedly still flying for Boliviana de Aviación as CP-2718.

A one-of-a-kind A320 MAX! Well, sort of, given the registration PR-MAX. This aircraft is MSN2602.

Next up, one of the most special aircraft in TAM’s (and Latam Brasil’s) fleet, PT-TMA, better known as MSN4000 blasting off to… who knows where!

Finishing off with these 2 fake VARIGs, with the first off being PR-VBV, MSN30050 and LN429.

And finally, PR-VBM, MSN32406 and LN859, seen in an awesome sunset (many more of these in Part 2 :eyes:)

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Beautiful photos

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Lol Dev look out, you’ve got a competitor now lmao.

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Juegos his dad > Devin jkjkjk

Now he’s def going to :ban: me lmao. :sob:

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Also, thinking about it, I can show my dad his pics too, if you want.

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grammar yes

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What’s wrong with it?

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Just read it

Can’t see it.

So you’re gonna show your dad’s pics to him?

You’re confusing but okay.

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