Show Off Your Model Planes!

Idk honestly lol

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model maker bAAd

Think those 2 are sky marks


funny, my TAM 777 is pretty much perfect other than the MD-11 registration

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Jakob would get triggered by it, lol.

That don’t seem right. :rofl:

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What the actual f##k, GeminiJets…



you can barely see it so idk wym

Oh fgs, how can’t you see it?! It’s literally bigger than the engine, it looks like a freaking toy.

hide it behind other models I guess or don’t put it in the front. I don’t rlly notice it anyways.


Cute Delta 145

noooooooooo the paint smeared off my delta b739

cri ;-;

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Oh noooooo… :cry:

What do I do I’m panicking

I guess I could get gray paint and a toothpick and try to repair it