Show Off Your Model Planes!

the door and the entirety of the delta logo is gone

I don’t know what happened or where it went

I need a paint set to fix this

Oof, seen that NG Delta A321 @DeltaDev13?

Messed up just like GJ did years ago, lmao.

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I didn’t get it :crazy_face:

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Bruh, you saw it though, since you liked the post, lmao.

Tbh, the box is too dark, although I think that’s intentional, and the font looks off…

The UA 739 boxes look kinda trash too, lmao.

The UA boxes were ok, not terrible, but the models are nice, but the 757s :weary:


:weary: :weary: :weary:

Want one? :eyes: :crazy_face:

Wait where is the Gemini Jets store in Las Vegas?

Ingot a delta a350 at the delta museum

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Magnolia GIF by Playboi Carti
Don’t care, my opinion is better

That’s literally where they’re based at smartyn’t.

How can one opinion be better than another? Whether or not you like Delta A350’s isnt that big of a deal anyway.

Sprit of delta. And my opinion is better


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Just an A321neo. :blush: