Should I still fly on a US airline during world conflicts?

Hello, WFC,

I am glad to be part of ya’ll here now, and would like to ask this question on behalf of my mom to reassure her. As you all know there are some… real world conflicts going on, and she is worried that flying on a US airline at this time might be risky as we are booking tickets for next summer, and just she just wants to be sure just incase of codeshares and the conflicts are still going on. She is most concerned with flying on “American” and “United” as they have “patriotic wording” in them.

Thanks for any help, and ofc, I am new here so please tell me which category to put this in or a threat.

Thanks again!

I mean if you’re flying domestically her (and anyone’s flight) flight should be immune to any foreign airspace closures and whatnot

It’s international, which is why we are most concerned.

as long as you’re flying to and over US-friendly countries (and international waters) you shouldn’t have to worry about something like airspace closures

as for codeshares, that’s beyond me

There’s pretty much always a conflict, and I don’t see a world war breaking out in a few years at least, besides, I guess it would depend on where you’re going to.

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if it were a world war i think there’d be bigger problems than trying to determine if a US or international carrier is better for travel

What I meant with codeshares was that we booked an asian airline operated by an american airline, such as ANA and United

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Well, that would cause problems in relation to it I guess. I doubt a conflict like Ukraine or Palestine will affect a lot of flights that don’t even come close to either places.

a side effect of a conflict, going with what happened in the early days of the one in Ukraine, is something like an airspace closure (Ukraine) or a country (a ton of western countries) banning its airlines from flying to/from a country (Russia). That caused routes that fly over Russia by western countries to be lengthened and possibly exceeding an aircrafts range.

With either places I meant both sides in the conflict.

Anyways, what I was trying to say is, those conflicts wont affects flights as much as a world war would.

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What about the security, sure it might be harder to do hijackings now, but incase someone does something.

What do you mean exactly?

Mother is most worried about security threats. I told her that hijackings and other events are unlikely but she is talking about if someone makes a threat onboard or is able to sneek something in.

what country is she thinking of going to?

We are of course going to Thailand during summer, and her concern is that potential attackers can choose any flights with “American” in their name, and she is concerned due to the proximity to the conflicts.

fly local airline if youre not american

where are you from?

try etihad/qatar/emirates or some european airline

Paranoia moment.

Also, just pick Delta or United then…

Also, some pilots carry guns with them.

God bless America. :us: :us: :eagle: :eagle:

Image is an exaggeration, but yes, some pilots still do carry guns with them, especially when they’re close to conflict zones I’ve heard.


Erm, I’m a californian.

If she is actually that concerned, I’d recommend Emirates (via Dubai.) The UAE is the closest you’d get to being “neutral”, except for in a select few conflicts where terrorist groups may be involved.

Singapore would not a bad idea as well, they certainly want nothing to do with the mess that’s currently happening in Ukraine and in the Middle East. Security in both the UAE and Singapore are known to be extremely strict as well, so that’s a big plus in terms of aviation safety.