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Hi all! This thread is designed to help you with your homework, or just school in general. Below, I created a table of classes. I definitely don’t have every class, and if yours is missing, feel free to add it or ask a TL3. This is a resource for you to come to when you need help, or if you have any questions. Feel free to ping people in those classes as well.

Social Science

Class Usernames
World Cultures @CaptainZac
Civics @CaptainZac, @KGJT-9149, @DeltaDev13
US History @CaptainZac, @KGJT-9149, @KTJ_Mitchell, @anon94363592, @DeltaDev13, @Zach
AP US History @KTJ_Mitchell, @anon94363592, @DeltaDev13, @Captain-787
European History
AP European History
Human Geography @KTJ_Mitchell
AP Human Geography @CaptainZac, @KTJ_Mitchell, @Zach
World History (Modern) @Fly_If, @anon94363592
AP World History @Captain-787
AP Microeconomics
AP Macroeconomics
AP US Government/Politics
AP Psychology @KGJT-9149
World Geography @Fly_If, @KTJ_Mitchell, @Aviation2929
Economics @DeltaDev13
Model UN @Nugget


Class Usernames
Earth Science @CaptainZac, @anon94363592, @Captain-787
Life Science @CaptainZac
Physical Science @CaptainZac
Biology @Aviation2929, @CaptainZac, @anon94363592, @DeltaDev13, @Captain-787, @Zach
AP Biology
AP Environmental Science
AP Physics 1 @Captain-787
Physics 1 @DeltaDev13
AP Physics 2
Physics 2
AP Physics 3
Physics 3
Chemistry @AGSilver_04, @KTJ_Mitchell, @anon94363592, @DeltaDev13, @Captain-787, @Nugget
AP Chemistry @AGSilver_04
Anatomy & Physiology @anon94363592

English / ELA

Class Username
English (6-8) @CaptainZac, @anon94363592, @Zach, @Captain-787
English (9) @Aviation2929, @CaptainZac, @DeltaDev13, @KTJ_Mitchell, @anon94363592, @Captain-787, @Zach
English (10-12) @KTJ_Mitchell, @anon94363592, @DeltaDev13, @Captain-787, @Zach
AP English (10-12) (Lang) @KGJT-9149 @Zach, @Captain-787
AP English (10-12) (Lit)
Writing Workshop


Class Username
Pre-Algebra @CaptainZac, @KTJ_Mitchell, @anon94363592, @Zach, @Captain-787
Algebra 1 @CaptainZac, @KTJ_Mitchell, @anon94363592, @DeltaDev13, @Zach, @Captain-787
Geometry @Aviation2929, @CaptainZac, @KTJ_Mitchell, @anon94363592, @DeltaDev13, @Captain-787, @Zach
Geometry Honors @Zach
Algebra 2 @anon94363592
Algebra 2 Honors @CaptainZac, @Captain-787
Pre Calculus @AGSilver_04
Pre Calculus Honors @Captain-787
Calculus Honors
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Statistics
Java Honors @anon94363592
Advanced Java Honors @anon94363592
AP Comp Sci @anon94363592
AP Principles @anon94363592

World Languages

Class Username
Spanish Intro @CaptainZac, @anon94363592, @Zach, @Captain-787
Spanish 1 @CaptainZac, @anon94363592, @DeltaDev13, @Zach, @Captain-787
Spanish 2 @anon94363592, @DeltaDev13, @Captain-787, @Zach
Spanish 2 Honors @CaptainZac, @anon94363592, @DeltaDev13, @Captain-787, @Zach
Spanish 3 @anon94363592, @DeltaDev13, @Captain-787
Spanish 3 Honors @anon94363592, @DeltaDev13, @Captain-787
Spanish 4 @anon94363592, @Captain-787
Spanish 4 Honors @anon94363592, @Captain-787
AP Spanish (Lang)
AP Spanish (Lit)
Latin (all)
AP Latin
French Intro
French 1
French 2+
French 2+ Honors @AGSilver_04
AP French (Lang)
Japanese (all)
AP Japanese
German (all) @Aviation2929
AP German
Italian (all)
AP Italian (lang)
Chinese Intro
Chinese 1
Chinese 2
Chinese 2 Honors
AP Chinese

Could you please add me to

And could you please add a space for world Geography

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@anon94363592 you really spent all that time just to put commas :skull:

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Yes. :joy:

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I mean, he is advising for English 10-12



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World Homework Community🥴


I’m pretty good with civics, (US) history and psych, so I guess if someone needs help with that, I’ll be on the list.

I would offer to help with AP Stats, but I’m currently failing :woozy_face:

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I can help with any chemistry (Regular, Honours, AP), precalculus, geography (maybe) and any French.

@Robertine Check this out


I can help with Social studies

Can you specify which type?

This and geography

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World or Human geography?

Idk about APHG

but the first one

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Hey Phoenix, how are you doing?

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I am fine :slight_smile:
How are you?

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Doing just fine, finishing work on some APUSH homework currently

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What’s that?

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Advanced Placement United States History (@DeltaDev13 look I just typed the entire thing out lol)

Pretty much its an honors-level class, and at the end of the year you take a standardized test for the class called an AP test, and this allows you to earn university credit while still in high school.

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