Remove Discourse Translator

We all remember this:

Basically, (I’m sorry to say this) the translator sucks big time, Google is better than that.

The actual translation is slow, and dosent work properly and is just a meme. I am asking you, the people (as the Americans say) to decide if we want to keep this clogged feature.

(This is supported by @PlanesAndGames and @Rolls, @Infinity )

Au Revior


Ah yess

Au Revior


Can the translator, translate: Au Revior?

Au Revior

Nope lol

Au Revoir

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au revior

It’s so random

exactly. we better just use google, this is just a meme

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Hindi rin magtranslate ang language ko!

allahu allah

what does the translation say

The translator gave up

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it says it can’t translate

and me


I know, but adding all of the voters name’s is a little to much, thoes are just the people who said “make it”

Au Clair de la Lune

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@Infinite_Pilot1 was also one of the first supporters in the random chat

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