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All that there is to know is in the topic

What would the benefit be from that? Just curious

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Aren’t many people here from other nations who’s main language isn’t English?

I know me, @Stellar_G, @PlanesAndGames, @Ethan, @Ritesh_Intensifies, @Hardlanding_Hussain and @Adrian_K, but I’m sure there are many more


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I’m like whatever with this feature. I (and many of us) speak English well (or well enough to understand what others are saying). Could be interesting for those who don’t have a very good English, however I personally would disable it if there is the option to.

Besides, you’re from Australia…I’m no genius but don’t you guys speak this little unknown language called English? (Dunno official language of Fiji, guessing English)

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I get to improve my Spanish

Oh my gosh, trueeee

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I can teach Portuguese, which is quite similar (but also quite different) to Spanish

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I know englishh yess

In Australia they speak a different kind of English, example, Friend=mate
And words are taken out of sentences like how you do.

Weird person logic:

“But, you aren’t from America, how do you know English so well?”


I am a proud Australian.

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Nope, Fiji is Fiji, just happens to have the Uk Flag as well. Even though each has its own modified English.

I speak Irish if that counts (well a bit)

I speak Portuguese lol

oh ok

This is interesting

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I speak South African :smiley:

I speak American :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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