Qatar Places Order For 50 Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft

Qatar Places Order For 50 Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft


After all the drama with Airbus and Qatar, the airline has announced that they will be ordering up to 50 Boeing 737MAX8 aircraft.

This order will also likely contain the 777X freighter order that was teased by the airline a few days back.

Both Qatar and Boeing declined to comment on the situation, and what the future will look like for these aircraft. With the change in heart over to Boeing, Airbus will lose a huge customer.


mans gonna find a excuse and mess up boeing too


Good. Boeing > Airbus. Expect the A359.

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The A320NEO
The A350
The A380
The A220

I’ll give you the 777, and the 787 is good, but the A350 is better. Throw in the queen as well.


Meh. I’m only a fan of the A359. I hate the 320s. I’ve never flown on the 223 or 380, so I can’t speak to that.


Ah yes the plane with the greatest paint ever

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Never flown the 380, but from what I hear, it’s much more spacious, comfortable, and it’s much quieter than the 747.

Boeing doesn’t have any smaller jets to compete with the A220. You can argue the 737 max 7 could possibly, but the 220 is much more optimized for what its meant to be.

As far as the Max, it’s been good so far. If it can run another two years or so maybe I’ll feel comfortable with it, but Boeing really messed up with that one and it’ll take some time for me to give it my trust again.


I knew this would happen. :joy:

Not sure what’s wrong with Boeing and not with Airbus when they say the A350 has “just a cosmetic issue” without any proper investigation on the matter. Guess we’re all better off at Embraer. :smirk:

What about the 35K?

I’ve never flown it, so I can’t give a personal view on it. However, from what I’ve read, it’s a nice plane.

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bruh its literally a stretched A359

So? It’s still a different experience. That’s like saying flying the 767-300 is the same as flying the 767-400.

And isn’t it? Or at least 99% the same?

Meh. Not really. I flew on United’s. The 767-300 was surprisingly more spacious than the 767-400. It was also quieter and easier to sleep on.

Probably bc their 763s have PWs and the 764s have CF6s

so going of your hypothesis an experience on the 737-100 is different to that of a 737 MAX 9



Same generations
use some common sense

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how can an experience on the 737-100 be equal to a 737 MAX 9?

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are you joking with me or what

of course it’s not

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