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Singapore Airlines has announced the expansion of their Bogland to Singapore via Los Angeles service. With the recent purchase of a third gate slot for their Boeing 747-400, the Bogland to Singapore via Los Angeles service will now operate twice daily, with one morning departure and one night departure. The morning departure will fly as SQ007 to Singapore and SQ008 from Singapore. The flight will be operated by a Boeing 747-400 and will depart at 8:45AM every day. The night departure will fly as SQ003 to Singapore and SQ004 from Singapore. This flight will also be operated by their Boeing 747-400 with an 8:45PM departure. The flight from Bogland to Los Angeles will take approximately eight hours, with the morning flight arriving into Los Angeles at around 9:45PM PDT and the night flight arriving into Los Angeles at 7:45AM. The flight from Los Angeles to Singapore will take approximately 16 hours, with the morning flight arriving at around 4:45AM into Singapore, and the night flight arriving at around 8:45PM into Singapore. Singapore Airlines is also considering adding a third daily flight, replacing their Bogland to Singapore via Frankfurt service. This would be a midday flight, with a 12:00PM noon departure out of Bogland, 12:00AM arrival into Los Angeles, and 7:30AM arrival into Singapore. This flight will likely operate as SQ009 to Singapore and SQ10 from Singapore.

A fourth daily flight, the nonstop Bogland to Singapore service, will likely start in the coming months. This flight will be operated by an Airbus A350-900 and will operate as SQ001 to Singapore and SQ002 from Singapore. This flight will also likely be a midday departure, with a 10:30AM departure out of Bogland and 6:00AM arrival into Singapore.

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A new announcement at West Michigan International as JetBlue adds a second aircraft, American adds a 4th 737, and KLM!!! Makes it’s way into WMI!

Airline Route Aircraft Frequency
American Orlando 737-800 Daily
American Cancún 737-800 Daily (Sept-Apr)
American Chicago 737-800 8X Daily (was 6X)
JetBlue Los Angeles A321 Daily
JetBlue Orlando A321 Daily
KLM Amsterdam 777-300ER Daily

Current gate assignments for Nov 20-Feb 28
A1: Alaska
A2: American
A3: JetBlue
A4: American
A5: JetBlue
A6: American
A7: Spirit
A8: American
A9: American
A10: American
A:11 American

B1: Southwest
B2: Southwest
B3: Southwest
B4: Southwest
B5: Southwest
B6: Southwest
B7: Southwest
B8: Southwest
B9: Southwest
B10: Southwest
B11: Southwest

C1: Delta
C2: Delta
C3: Delta
C4: Delta
C5: Delta Widebody
C6: Delta Widebody
C7: Delta Widebody
C8: Delta
C9: Delta
C10: Delta (Regional)
C11: Delta (Regional)
C12: Delta (Regional)
C13: Delta
C14: Delta
C15: Delta
C16: Delta

D1: Air Canada (Express)
D2: Air Canada
D4: Allegiant
D5: Allegiant
D6: Allegiant
D7: Southwest (International)
D8: Spirit
D9: Spirit
D10: Frontier
D11: Play
D12: IcelandAir

E1: British Airways
E2: Emirates
E3: United
E4: United
E5: United
E6: United
E7: United
E8: United
E9: United
E10: United
E11: United
E12: United
E13: United Express
E14: United Express
E15: Michigan Connection Airways

65 total gates

China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, and Thai Airways have all expressed interest in beginning operations to Bogland. China Eastern Airlines recently proposed the start of flights from Beijing to Bogland via either London or Los Angeles. If these flights come to fruition, they will be operated bi-weekly using their Airbus A350-900 aircraft. China Souther Airlines has also proposed the start of flights to Bogland from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Shenyang. Each of these flights would be operated by their Airbus A330-200 out of Hangzhou and Shenyang, their Airbus A350-900 out of Shenzhen and Shanghai, and their Airbus A380-800 out of Guangzhou. These flights would also fly bi-weekly with stopovers either in Seattle, Paris, Honolulu, or Los Angeles. Thai Airways has proposed the start of flights between Bogland and Bangkok, using their Airbus A330-300 aircraft to fly quadweekly between the two cities with a stopover in London. On top of this, Singapore Airlines has secured a slot for a fourth daily flight between Bogland and Singapore. Unlike the other three, which run on Boeing 747-400s and -200s, this will be a nonstop flight operated by their Airbus A350-900. These flights will operate as SQ001 from Singapore and SQ002 to Singapore, with daily departures at 10:30AM. This 19 hour flight will become to longest flight by distance and by flight time to operate out of Bogland Capital International Airport.

Both United and Delta will be adding a (another) 757-300 to fly routes out of West Michigan International Airport. These aircraft will be placed on some high demand routes out of WMI, like Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Denver, and San Diego!

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Big announcement out of West Michigan today, Southwest has announced it will add another MAX to the airport, Alaska will up daily flights with another 737-900ER, and ANA will begin flights to Tokyo Haneda, all beginning in mid March. The airport has also announced plans to expand by a large number, but design is not final yet

Airline Route Aircraft Frequency
Southwest Houston-Intercon 737-700/800/8 Daily
Southwest Bozeman 737-700/800/8 3X Weekly
Southwest San Jose, CA 737-700/800/8 Daily
Alaska Anchorage 737-900 Daily
ANA Tokyo-Haneda 787-9 Daily

what transit options are available to west michigan?

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High speed rail from Muskegon via Grand Rapids, Detroit via Ann Arbor, and Lansing, and Kalamazoo via Hastings. And then bus service from some colleges (Western Michigan, Michigan State, and U Mich)

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What’s the frequency and is the station in the airport?

What are the route numbers, frequency and the airport bus stop?

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Every 20 minutes, and yes

Bus lines run every 30 minutes

Laker Line: Route 2
The Rapid: Route 90
MSU: Route 1
U Mich: Route 1

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Another massive announcement as Lufthansa and French Bee have both announced service into WMI! Lufthansa will begin A380 service to Frankfurt and Munich, while Bee will start A35K service to Paris-Orly!

Airline Route Aircraft Frequency
Lufthansa Frankfurt A380 4X Weekly
Lufthansa Munich A380 3X Weekly
French Bee Paris-Orly A35K Daily

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French Bee has recently come out in a statement saying they no longer wish to start serivce into WMI, instead Qatar will be picking up their slot and adding daily flights to Doha with a Boeing 777-300ER

Airline Route Aircraft Frequency
Qatar Doha 777-300ER Daily

Southwest and United have announced another MAX base aircraft at WMI (super excited for the UA, it’s the registration I flew on!) United will not add any new routes, but Southwest will add Seattle and Albuquerque

Route Aircraft Frequency
Seattle 737-800/MAX Daily
Albuquerque 737-700 4X Weekly

Also, here’s an updated list (that no one asked for) of our 15 Commanding Master Sergeants (after several months of silence), since of course some of them have been replaced or you know…


Special Forces

  1. Sergeant Madison Truong (Head of the Bogland Military, expert on military tactics including trench warfare and cavalry attacks, also works as medic)
  2. Sergeant Leo Hartsfield (2nd in command, great grandson of William B. Hartsfield, also works as medic)
  3. Sergeant Maxwell Ryvkin (3rd in command, UN under-secretary-general, former UNIFIL force commander and ICAO secretary general)
  4. Sergeant Nicholas Zarus (Also works as chief Boeing 777 pilot for Bogland Airlines Group)
  5. Sergeant Beckett Ellsworth (also works as Bogland’s Ambassador to Japan, chief Airbus A330 and A340 family pilot for Bogland Airlines, senior flight attendant)


  1. Sergeant Tabitha Howell (2nd in command, head of the Waves strike group, Ticonderoga class specialist)
  2. Sergeant Keira Dawson (3rd in command, head of the Reefs strike group, Tenryu class specialist, younger sister of Avery Hamilton)
  3. Sergeant Bernard Marcot (head of the Islander strike group, Hiroshima class specialist, resides in Paris, France)
  4. Sergeant Layla Dunbar (head of the Lagoons strike group, Tenryu and Hiroshima class specialist)
  5. Sergeant Matthew Hitt (head of the Palms strike group, Hiroshima and Zumwalt class specialist)

Air Force

  1. Sergeant Kenji Takami (2nd in command, lives in Tokyo, Japan, also works for JASDF)
  2. Sergeant Avery Hamilton (3rd in command, head aircraft mechanic and test pilot, older sister of Keira Dawson)
  3. Sergeant Bethany Hoang (head of the Bogland Space Force, also works as Bogland’s Ambassador to Vietnam)
  4. Sergeant Claire Tunstall (former commercial pilot for Delta Air Lines and Bogland Airlines, head of recruit training)
  5. Sergeant Cassidy Duncan (head of the Bogland Air Force Investigation Team, head of Bogland Aviation Safety Council or BASC)
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