Model Airliner Empires

Welcome to Model Airliner Empires. You might be thinking, is this the same thing to EMPIRES or MAE? No! This is centered on Passengers only, to combat any political situations. I’d like to make it known that the time is the following:

1 month = 1 hr so that inactivity wouldn’t be like a year.

Also you will have to fight for competition depending on your hub airport, so it will not be easy to create monopolies, like in MAE Japan or “BoGlAnD” sooo yeah more real

Airline Owner
@Fly_If Deutsche Reisen - EDDF
@KGJT-9149 TBD
@ThatOne9WPlen Orange Airlines - VOBL
@Butter_Boi TBD
@M_Billy TBD
@Rolls Oceania Airlines - YPAD
@Ethan Pan Continental - KDFW
@Vamp BDAirways - TXKF

Ooh! Looking forward to finally having a more realistic experience in one of these types of threads.

Do you think it would be ok if I just bring Sky Airlines over as is? Here’s my fleet and routes:

If they aren’t realistic enough I’ll create a new airline


I’ve always wanted to participate in one of these type things but never knew the rules, so I figure I’d start in a new thread.

What are the rules and how do I do this?

cough My airline

Describe “heavy”.
I’ll see if it’s worth trying to continue with Sky Air or if some modification is necessary.

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Maybe 200 million in debt since most will fly with DL

You are also wasting fuel on older non efficient air craft

On that note, how’s the drawing of passengers gonna work? Obviously, none of our airlines are real, so using real world data wouldn’t work very well.

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Yeah, that is a tricky bit. (I wouldn’t exactly call it wasting though) The idea behind that would sort of be pulling what Allegiant did (we are a LCC/ULCC after all), so use the old, cheap to obtain planes to start off then slowly upgrade.

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@barbadian can I get the Indian airlines here?

get ready for the anti-monoply council


So what’s the abbreviation for both MAEs?

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MAE for the old one with the world descending into anarchy with nukes, and MArE for this one

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not a lot. I’ve decided that all you need to do is just think about competition

@KGJT-9149 @ThatOne9WPlen im going to nerf your airlines juts by a little bit


I think I’ll just create a new one for this thread. Competing with the world’s second largest airline at my main base isn’t probably going to go too well.

I do agree that the Indian Group with it’s 10 million planes needs to be nerfed quite a bit though.


yeah nah hes gonns tart from scratch lol


can i start a new airline then? (i promise no world domination)

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i’ll start a new one

@barbadian it’s going to be ORANGE (OR/ORG)
hub : VOBL, VABB
starting off with : 1 737-800
first route : BLR-BOM
low cost, full service airline (Something like jetBlue)

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