Metric vs Imperial

Metric. This video explains it all


then ur stupid. watch video

So you call America stupid?

pretty much

So you call the Wright Brothers stupid

yes, they need catapult to fly

Get out.


proceeds to lose

Just because America doesn’t want to follow the rest of the world doesn’t mean anything

It’s called being your own country and not a sheep :joy:

That is until the whole world is f*cked up in trade bc of a flawed system that even it’s own creators have abandoned

I’m used to imperial you can’t make me Nintendo Switch to metric

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US patiently waiting boomers to die to PS5

Well the world has been doing fine this far lol

I remember a nasa spaceship blowing up because of a metric calculation


maybe bc if u used just metric it wouldn’t have blown up. Even Imperial to Imperial conversions suck.

Blame our British ancestors

if they abandoned it, why can’t u? at least they have brains to realise it sucks…

They didn’t fully abandon it. Some wake up in kilograms, and sleep in ounces. They mix up both metric and imperial.

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