World Flying Community Off-Topic Discussion (Part 2)

that is until u lose millions and millions in rockets that don’t work bc iMpEriAL iS sO gReAt OmFg and then wonder where ur taxes go

Who made it to the Moon first?
Who has a Space Force?
Who has had one of the heaviest presences in space?
Huh, well you can’t succeed without failing.
Airbus has had so many issues and they are metric people
We know the info now and are the top world super powers

See the other video, non-masker jk

I don’t need a mask I’ve already had the virus
Doesn’t mean I don’t wear one out of respect for the businesses we go to

And yes, the person who gave it to my Mom was wearing a mask and so was she

Virus: mutates

also continue here

Then what’s the point of the vaccine? :man_shrugging:

Lol seriously :joy:

Ever seen flu?


Yeah but there’s only one vaccine and they say it’s not going go help against other strains

I mean for no immune conditions it’s over a 94% survival rate for every age

Please never say that again

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Well it’s my view so I can say I don’t need one if people say you do need one

A combo of metric and imperial is good for aviation

yea imperial is good ONLY for aviation (altitude and speed). Would be weird to see a 300m separation between FLs rather than 1000ft. Speed could be m/s tho (1m/s is roughly 2kt)

In China they use meters

I can’t stand Celsius, 30 degrees is classified hot?

In everywhere but the US and 2 other small countries they use metric

as a Brazilian, kinda.