MD80 or 737 Classic

This is as simple as it sounds: The MD81/82/83/87/88 or 737-300/400/500. (Not the 600 as it is a NG.)

  • MD80
  • 737 Classic

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A Brief Overview
Both are short to medium range jet airliners which were developed around the same time and are similar in terms of range and passenger capacity.

Which is your favourite? Vote and comment below!

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I prefer the 737 Classic, only because I prefer Boeing. No other reason whatsoever.

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One of a kind and really worked better for a quieter plane, better fit for regional routes, plus most could hold more pax then the 737 (the -500 is like the -800 today so that can hold pax like the MD-80 can)

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Both are good

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Proceeds to only vote for 737
Hypocrite :100: lol jk

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contradiction 100

I don’t like both tho

Both are not my favorite but if I have to choose then MD80

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Good :joy:

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My favourite narrowbody: A321NEO


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Why is the emoji so tiny
Swear it used to be larger so you could actually read it

I am unfortunately a sucker for a new jets. I know. I like the classic planes but, I feel like the new airplanes are much more comfortable and high tech.

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Ask discourse.

Discourse takes a crap on my emoji size
-From the IFC

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Boring Boing Bong whatever you call it

Exactly :joy::joy:

No I mean that plane is boring. Not Boeing :man_facepalming: