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Talk about trains here.

Rajdhani Express

Shatabdi Express

Duronto Express

Tejas Express

Jan Shatabdi Express

Uday/Double Decker Express

Vande Bharat Express/Train 18

Gatimaan Express


Garib Rath Express (being replaced by Humsafar)

Antyodaya Express

Mahamana Express

Regular Mail/Express trains

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Best train I have ridden on, Deutsche Bahn Class 401:


Metrolink is the only major train we have running daily short hop routes in Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego Counties.


Of course we have Amtrak too, which is a Major U.S. train service across the country

My best one :

OBB Railjet

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I want your opinions on these trains.

(the ones in the main post)



How did I forget the good ol’ Deccan Queen

Ah the EMD F125, shames it’s not more popular, the Charger has cleared the board when it comes to major North American operators

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Santa Ana is getting a Light-Rail Streetcar put in. So far it’s only in the DT area, but they plan on expanding to places like KSNA. It’ll be part of OCTA which is what runs our county buses.

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Being replaced by these newer and better coaches now

even you use EMD’s?

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Yeah, although they were a lot more popular 10-15 years ago, as I mentioned before nearly all major US rail operators are picking up the Charger as locomotive of choice

American EMD :

Indian EMD :

We’ve had a few different engines over the years


These are the 2 I grew up with

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we still use them for freight and on unelectrified streches and they are replacing the older ALCO’s

See, this is what is our mainstay, the Charger series, like the SC-44 for Amtrak Midwest:

our mainstays are these :

and very rarely, these

(i only told for pax trains)

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the second one is scary

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I miss our old Amtrak Pacific Surfliner

Now we have these