JD Power - Best North America Airports

I don’t need to give background. Right to the point we go.

Mega airports

  1. Miami (MIA), 828 points.

  2. New York-JFK, 817 points.

  3. Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP), 815 points.

  4. Orlando (MCO), 812 points.

  5. Phoenix (PHX), 808 points.

  6. Las Vegas (LAS), 806 points.

  7. Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), 805 points.

  8. Houston Intercontinental (IAH), 801 points.

  9. Detroit (DTW), 798 points.

Mega airports average: 798 points.

10 (tie). Charlotte (CLT), 796 points.

10 (tie). San Francisco (SFO), 796 points.

12 (tie). Denver (DEN), 793 points.

12 (tie). Fort Lauderdale (FLL), 793 points.

14 (tie). Los Angeles (LAX), 792 points.

14 (tie). Newark Liberty (EWR), 792 points.

  1. Seattle (SEA), 789 points.

  2. Boston (BOS), 784 points.

  3. Toronto Pearson (YYZ), 780 points.

  4. Chicago O’Hare (ORD), 772 points.

Large airports

  1. New Orleans (MSY), 844 points.

  2. Tampa (TPA), 843 points.

  3. Raleigh-Durham (RDU), 841 points.

  4. Dallas Love (DAL), 829 points.

  5. Salt Lake City (SLC), 826 points.

  6. Nashville (BNA), 820 points.

  7. Austin (AUS), 819 points.

  8. San Diego (SAN), 814 points.

  9. San Antonio (SAT), 813 points.

Large airport average: 805 points.

  1. Washington National (DCA), 804 points.

  2. Portland, Oregon (PDX), 803 points.

12 (tie). Sacramento (SMF), 802 points.

12 (tie). Washington Dulles (IAD), 802 points.

  1. St. Louis (STL), 801 points.

15 (tie). Chicago Midway (MDW), 800 points.

15 (tie). Kansas City (MCI), 800 points.

  1. Houston Hobby (HOU), 794 points.

  2. Baltimore/Washington (BWI), 785 points.

  3. New York LaGuardia (LGA), 781 points.

  4. Philadelphia (PHL), 758 points.


No idea how Miami won lol


I’ve never seen something more inaccurate but they do them :man_shrugging:


Miami is good, but it’s not the best…

DEN seems awfully low on the mega list and SLC is low on the large list. I think they got some stuff mixed around, there’s no way that DFW and MIA are better than DEN. Heck, everyone who flies through Dallas comes back saying that it was awful.


This shouldn’t even be on the list

@anon94363592 plz don’t kill me


Best airports imo



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You guys make EWR sound worse than it really is. The new Terminal 1 is state-of-the-art, the new taxiway layout surrounding the new terminal will minimize delays, and the soon-to-be-completed repaving of Runway 4R/22L will help operations normalize.

If the main complaint is delays, keep in mind that JFK is far worse in terms of average delay times.

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EWR is a sEWR


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My one experience there is almost missing a 3h connection so I don’t have much to say about it

Well, that sparks the question: Was it due to your inbound flight being late or a delay caused by the airport?

If it’s the former, you can’t blame that on EWR.

Ummmm nope. Say it how I see it.

Sure. But is terminal 1 here yet? No.

realizes there is no runway 2r

That just… isn’t true


#COO to CEO roast


For me it was a hour and a half connection that I made with 10 minutes to spare. It was caused by congestion on the taxiway.

Terminal A is undoubtedly the worst terminal, and most delays occur on the taxiways surrounding it. You fly jetBlue, jetBlue uses Terminal A, Terminal A sucks, it’s no wonder you think it’s bad. Even I do.

No, but the new taxiway is being used in some areas, significantly lessening the previously apparent delays.

Typo. I fixed it. Lol.

Eh, I wouldn’t say those are fair numbers since there has been extensive construction at EWR since 2018. However, I will admit, there are days where EWR has ridiculous days when no construction is going on.

I’d be interested to see new numbers once the taxiway, runway, and terminal construction is completed.

Well, technically if they’ve been having construction, it doesn’t matter. It’s still contributes to the delays, right? To be fair, terminal 1 construction does nothing. It’s totally out of the way and a place no planes taxied anyways. I will say, the 2021 numbers are unfair because of the runway construction but that’s different. I’ll admit, the United terminal is nice. Terminal B is pretty bad, and A is just… yeah.

Anyway I hate fighting with my own CEO so I’m done. Anyway, haha Newark sucks.

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DEN: Those are rookie numbers. Gotta bump those up.

Seriously though, DEN has been under constant construction since it opened in 1995, and it’s not that hard to deal with.

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@anon94363592 @CaptainZac The HR wins here.

Also I can say with Confidence that JFK is better then EWR.

But EWR aint bad

Den also has twice the amount of runways then EWR. That makes a huge difference.

My flight landed on time, but delayed to get on the gate

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I don’t see GRR :neutral_face:

It’s large airports, not medium sized airports.

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