How do you feel about the WFC (How Can We Improve and Reach Out)

Hello WFC!

I would like to take a moment to ask out to this community to see how everyone feels about the WFC thus far. Let us know how we could improve or fix places within the community.

We are aware as it seems that we dont have such a diverse community from other and IRL sims but we will be fixing that very soon with outreach to other areas of locations to advertise. If you have any recommendations I am very open to places to look into!

What would you be interested in seeing on the WFC that would make you enjoy to use! Or things you see wrong with this community where we can work on it.

Im interested to hear your ideas,

Blake | Advertising Manager

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I think everything is good

No improvements

maybe more incentive from mods to be active


Ya, the regulars do all the work lol :joy:


We be talkin a lot. I have made the decision to comment in every. single. topic.

Take a look, I have commented in all of the open and some of the closed before closing


I could understand that. Good that everything is good but just needs more activity. We are working on that I can assure you on that one :wink:

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@CaptainZac is very active, but he made WFC so makes since why he is the only Leader that is really active


Well then Advertise it :joy:

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Thats my job boss im on it :slight_smile:

I push this thing as much as I can :wink:

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Z-Tube and Austrian are also very active, but MJP, Toaster, Pingu, HILD and Blitz aren’t very active.

They have alot on both servers. They can only split so much time :wink:

Now lets not get this topic into mods move into improvements we can make that will benefit the forum.


First off, toaster is in college and also he’s taking about a one week partial leave from pretty much all social media, I can assure you he will be active after this time

He is more active than you think, he just doesn’t comment too much on posts

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Sorry, I 100% don’t blame them for not being here, I know they have their reasons, I am just saying what I notice, not the truth behind it. Apologies.


thats fine we just want to know more fun and good ways we can get and engage people here.

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Nothing is needed. It’s the best of the best.

Dont know if this belongs here or not, but if one mod approves a post (especially in #real-world-aviation) then another mod shouldn’t close it automatically. Work has a team approving posts. Its not fair for the user who works hard in such posts to be approved them automatically closed.

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Thank you for the feedback. Please send me a PM, and we can discuss this situation in depth.

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One thing for improvement is you guys should have more incentives for being active on the forum. In my opinion, this forum is very similar to the GAC and many users prefer to spend time on the IFC because it is a more popular forum. I really like it here, we just need more reasons to spend time on the forum. Make it unique, if you know what I’m talking about.

One of the incentives of being active here and replying with good points is that

  1. You feel good about yourself
  2. You may be promoted up trust levels faster
  3. People like you. If people like you a lot then you will more often than not the person they refer to with questions

You do make a good point however as more people are coming onto the WFC it will continue to grow so people will spend more time here. Some things I recommend for people who are active on the IFC, GAC, WFC are to

  1. Keep all 3 tabs open if you are on for example a Chromebook.
  2. Spend part of the day on 1 community and just rotate.

I know exactly what you mean and this community is very unique. Here are some categories/topics that make it unique.

  1. Ready For Pushback Interviews.
  2. The Off-Topic Discussion.
  3. Aviation Games.
  4. Aviation Games Debating.
  5. Flight Simulators. For all different flight simulators.
  6. Private Categories. I am part of a few myself.
  7. Aesthetic Changes.
  8. A speculation thread. On the IFC it would have immediately gotten closed.
  9. World Kindness Day.
  10. Happy Veterans Day.
  11. This topic. The IFC does not have this. The WFC is allowing people to say what they like or don’t like.
  12. Happy Halloween.

All of these topics made me laugh or stand out in a big way to me. These are just personal preferences and I love getting onto the WFC and immediately having a smile brought to my face from either a PM or a topic. All of these topics are at length the best part about this entire community.


I do agree with many of your statements here actually haha

A couple things, we cannot promote members to regular every so often, we are not yet a large community with hundreds of members. You will see more regulars and mods be added to the team as we expand.

Aviation games are another thing! We love to have them. You do see them here, but we have to limit the appropriateness and type of game to keep them friendly and not waste too much storage on images.


Glad you agree. That took me 45 minutes to type :joy: